Audrey Jones is an alias, an alter-ego if you will. As this is an existential blog of sorts, where I use the guise of Audrey to enable some creative freedom to publish blog articles and stories, a lot of it is real and some of it less so.

I write about my experiences as a woman, teacher, friend and daughter and whatever other social role boxes I may fit into. I also write about my experiences of having mental health issues, specifically, anxiety and bouts of depression.

My alter ego also contributes to a problem page, Ask Audrey, that covers everything from friends, family, career and general annoyances. Audrey is genuine (in a fake persona kind of way), vulnerable, occasionally irreverent, perhaps a little mean at times, funny if she is trying hard, and is always unapologetic. The articles and problems are all real, although some details and names may have been changed to protect identities. I don’t want to get sued…

All views are my own.

Strong language is used.


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