A little over a year ago I signed up to something that would help me make a change. A big change.

Fast forward nearly a full year and I am six weeks into a career shifting program that I hope at some point in the future will result in the course’s (and my own) ultimate intentions – making a move into something new.

I first discovered Careershifters through an online news agency a year ago that was offering an interactive discussion to people who were interested in making a career change themselves. I recall my senses being heightened as the discussions progressed, as though something had been switched on – was it serendipity that I had stumbled upon this?

Whatever the case, the practical part of my brain completed a bit of research about Careershifters as a company and subsequently I subscribed for their weekly newsletter. I began to receive emails with articles aimed at people in a similar position to me, and case studies of people who had made shifts.

As I delved into the website archives, I was surprised by the sheer number of people who appeared to want to make a career move. From those who had shifted from Finance to Design, and Marketing to Charity work. From a selfish perspective, I did steer myself towards those stories from those who had been in the education sector… other people similar to me had done it, so there it was, a signal, a sign, a ray of light.

Anything seemed possible.

It has taken a few years to get even to this point. A point where I even felt ‘ready’ for a change. Jeez! Not just a few. I am talking at least five!

Certainly, five years ago I can recall having a conversation with myself, where I told myself that if I was feeling still unhappy about my current career and path a few years down the line, then I would be looking for my out. In the years that have passed, I have moved organisations a few times but the thought has never left me – I still want my out.

Those feelings by the way five years ago and since include; regular indifference and apathy, occasional dread and a heap load of anxiety. The usual sort of shit when you are working in a job you no longer enjoy.

This post isn’t here to bitch and moan about teaching nor the state of the education system, if that is something that interests you wonderful reader, then check this out (yes, the story for this Ask Audrey article is my own).

However, what this post and some of my subsequent ‘Career’ posts are going to be about is my out and how I am going to achieve it.

I hope you’re able to join me on this adventure.


7 thoughts on “MAKING A SHIFT

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